Sad soul....

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People! Wake up! Why are you so ungry and cruel?! Life is only one... She was going straight the street and thinking about this day... Sun's touching her smile and wind's getting her hair. There were a lot of people. They were drank and crying some songs. People had fun and were celebrating... Nobody mond the girl and she didn.t mind them too. Suddenly she heard the voice. It was her ex-mate. She shooted 'stupid bitch' and all around she repeat this. Girl was like an angel,but they hate her like a witch... She's trying not listen,not hear but her little world felt down... Girl continied moving...She's going faster and faster...and didn,t see anything under her feet. Only tiny tear was running down on her face... At this moment,the driver 's trying to stop his bus,that was flying to the girl-but it was too late... It was death...for both of them... Sun's shinning as usually and people were celebrating...

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а хз
В 1:1 ты пошел спать, сладких милый. Вконтакте сменила аву, интересно сердешко внизу поставит? Все таки неделю не пишет, какие сердечки блин? Очеень интересно ^^ Гоночная онлайн игра - это нееечт...
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Вот скажите мне,как и где заводят друзей?Хочу общения,компании,веселья,поддержки... Во вторник на работу,после отпуска.
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Mira # 24 июня 2011 в 11:26
Not all people are so cruel ..
SMILLING-DREAM # 6 июля 2011 в 21:59
most of all...